Sex Toys for Girls

Sex Toys for Girls is a unique shop that specialises in raunchy and feminine sexy toys plus an erotic range of wear. My name is Casey and I was asked to review some of the products from

WARNING this page shows a graphic image of sex toys for girls being put into practice. If you don’t want to view what girls do with sex toys then please leave this page.

Sex toys for girls is all about penetration, pure and simple. Long, short, thick, slim, smooth, realistic, double headed or futuristic with all the trappings, all the dildos and anal dildos featured here are chosen for a woman’s sexual comfort and pleasure.

For instance our 18″ Double Dong penis shaped dildo Black coloured, Veined Double Headerdouble head dildo has a 5″ inch width and 2″ diameter which should satisfy any 2 girls who want to share some great pleasure time.

A married friend of mine purchased one of these and after a couple of drinks told me  what she did with it…

Best of friends

… I purchased my 18″ Double Dong penis dildo so that when our husbands are at work, my twenty-three year old girlfriend and I explore new ways to make ourselves cum. We are not lesbians, but we do enjoy using sex toys for girls and showing each other how we fuck ourselves. There is nothing as exciting as having your dildo deep in your pussy, your nipple in your mouth, and a vibrator on your clit, while at the same time you are watching your young girlfriend jam a long thick dildo deep inside her tight ass as she rides her hand just inches from your face. This, in turn, causes me to fuck myself even harder and deeper. Masturbating with a girlfriend is wild and super sexy…

I don’t shock easy but this friend of mine just didn’t seem the type of person to purchase sex toys for girls let alone go chasing girls but you never know but the more I thought about it the more I though “why not”

double dildo girls

I wanted to know more and had my friend allow me to photograph her and her girlfriend in action using some sex toys for girls and to my surprise they jumped at the opportunity as long as I didn’t include the faces. Quite understandable!!!

I just couldn’t contain my excitement watching these two girls get off with each other and I felt my pants getting wet and just had to help them out.

I’m looking to review more sex toys for girl stories from products purchased from girlongirltoys that I can publish and if you think you can beat the above story I want to hear from you.



Girl on Girl Toys

Girl on Girl Toys” welcomes you,,,definitely nothing for the boys!!!

This is my first blog and welcome to girl on girl toys our site. Thank you for looking and joining us!!!

I aim to run weekly blogs covering a wide variety of topics from the latest girl on girl toys to special offers and all kinds of news items in this exciting industry!

We have launched a site dedicated to the “girls”and our emphasis is on great customer service and ways to enhance and explore your sexuality and compliment your love life!

We believe you shouldn’t have to read an instruction manual or spend your hard earned money on the best vibrator just to have a great orgasm. You’ll find our sex toys for women easy to use, well built, and fairly priced.

Taking pleasure into your own hands has never been easier. Whether you choose a rabbit vibrator, one of our luxurious dildo toys, or any one of our other Girl on Girl Toys,!

take pleasure in your own hands

If you get the urge when out and about why not make your trip to the ladies room a whole new experience. Our lipstick toy can slip into your handbag while at work or in your purse while out on the town.

Our Lipstick Vibrating Sex Toy can deliver the sexual stimulation you need, no matter where you are. Disguised as an ordinary lipstick, this silent little vibrator still gives you the same healthy flush – just like putting on make up. So excuse yourself and freshen up with this sex toy from Girl on Girl Toys.

Please do follow Girl on Girl Toys on Facebook and Twitter and any ideas of products you would like information about, please just ask me!

best wishes …Chrissie x